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Animal Trappers Tampa is a locally-owned, Tampa Bay-based Animal Removal and Wildlife Management Company. We provide the most professional and environmentally focused Animal Control solutions throughout Central Florida. Animal Trapping is increasing throughout Florida and we are equipped to handle any kind of animal removal and rat problems. Animal Trappers Tampa is licensed and insured to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Rat & Rodent Removal

Animal Trappers Tampa will eradicate all your rat and rodent issues. If you have rats or rodents in your home or business, let Animal Trappers Tampa’s professionals safely and humanely remove the rat problems.

Find out more information on how we help your rat infestation and get rid of rats from your home or business for good!

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Snake Removal

Snakes problems are very common throughout Florida. Let Animal Trappers Tampa help you get rid of snakes from your home or business. Let our experienced and professional trappers take care of the snake problem you are experiencing. We humanely remove the snakes from your property so they are no longer a nuisance for you. Call Animal Trappers Tampa today to help you get rid of your snake problems.

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Squirrel Control

Let Animal Trappers Tampa help with your squirrel problems. Trapping squirrels can be a tricky task and let our professional and courteous task safely and humanely remove squirrels from your property. We do not utilize any poisons, we trap the squirrels then get rid of the squirrels from your property. Call Animal Trappers Tampa today to have one of our professional trappers help remove squirrels from your home or business.

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Mice & Mouse Removal

A mouse can be a pesky little critter. There are plenty of poisons and chemicals to help you get rid of mice from your home or business which can do more harm than good. Let our trappers safely trap and remove the mice from on your property. Once the mice issue is under control, we also offer damage repair services and can take preventative measures to assure you will not have any more mice problems. Call today to see how Animal Trappers Tampa can help you get rid of mice.

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Raccoon Trapping & Removal

Let Animal Trappers Tampa help with your raccoon problems. Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies and which could infect any pets you own if they came in contact with a sick raccoon. Our professional staff are raccoon experts and can help with any raccoon trapping needs you may have. Contact us today to help with your raccoon problems.

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Animal Trappers Tampa – Wildlife Control and Removal Experts

As Tampa Bay’s premiere wildlife control and management professionals, we are well suited to solve all of your trapping needs.

The experts at Animal Trappers Tampa Bay have years of combined experience, providing removal of unwanted wildlife intruders in and around your home. Our wide array of human animal trapping and relocation services include:

  • Rodent and Wildlife Removal and Relocation
  • Wildlife and Animal Damage Repair
  • Dead Animal Removal and Odor Control
  • Rodent Trapping and Removal and Infestation Elimination

Call Animal Trappers Tampa Bay morning or night to discuss your wildlife control needs with one of our animal removal experts.
What Makes Animal Trappers Tampa Bay Different?

  • Low Wildlife Removal Rates Are Unmatched
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Licensed and Insured to all Florida State Wildlife Removal Requirements
  • We Only Hire and Train Pet and Family Conscious Animal Trappers

At Animal Trappers Tampa Bay, our wildlife control professionals are trained to remove any unwanted pests, rodents, or animals as well as to seal your business or home and use repellent to ensure they never return.

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