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Prevention Tips

Tips for Effective Animal Prevention

Animal control problems can be not only stressful and damaging to your home, they can be dangerous for your family and your pets. That’s why, at Animal Trappers Tampa Bay, we strive to ensure our customers learn everything they need to maintain animal prevention. By blocking animals from entering your home, you can minimize the need for future animal removal.

Our animal removal process is built around the philosophy of blocking points of entry, by covering holes, insulating items that can be gnawed or chewed through, and placing repellents to deter future animal problems.

Tips for Animal Prevention

To keep animals from getting through openings in your property, use the following tips:

  • Seal any gaps above the foundation of your building.
  • Tightly close and seal all external doors.
  • Remove or cover any openings in walls that are larger than ¼ of an inch. Steel sheeting is a good covering as it cannot be gnawed by mice or rats.
  • Remove air vent openings with hardware cloth.
  • Seal pipes and areas around them.
  • Place weather stripping beneath and above doors.

Another very useful tool in animal prevention is to remove any potential sources of food, water, or shelter:

  • Get rid of any water sources, such as bird baths, dripping facets, blocked gutters, or leaking in your basement.
  • Get rid of any debris near your building.
  • Throw away all food waste daily.
  • Trim grass and trees regularly to reduce cover.
  • Store all food one foot above the ground and away from walls.
  • Seal and store all pet food at night.
  • Don’t leave feed, nuts, or fruit in your hard, including from trees or bushes.

By analyzing the issues in your home that contribute to your animal control problems you’ll be able to minimize the issues that are currently causing rodents or other animals from getting into your house or business.

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