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Tampa Bay is filled with animals and pests that can cause a variety of problems in your home – from unwanted odors to expensive damage to wiring, insulation, flooring, or roofs. In addition to causing damage, animal problems such as diseases, danger to your pets and children, and unsanitary conditions due to pet droppings can wreak havoc.

It’s no secret that animal removal is a big problem in Tampa Bay – hence the number of animal removal products for do-it-yourself extermination or trapping. Unfortunately, the odds of successfully removing your pests without professional help can be extremely hard. In addition, these do-it-yourself products can lead to inhumane results – with deaths that are not necessary. In some cases, they are even illegal or dangerous for your family or employees. Dead animals can still leave behind droppings and foul odors. And if you do not properly seal the points where animals entered your building, they can easily return, causing more problems.

Hire a Professional Animal Trapper

Not only does Animal Trappers Tampa Bay have a long history of successful animal removal, we provide highly trained, friendly animal trapping experts for your home. After inspection of your building for animal droppings, we work to determine the specific issues that led to your infestation and then follow every humane process to remove and block the return of your pests.

By starting at the root of the problem – understanding the eating habits of the targeted animal – we are able to better understand the right bait, the locations it looks for food, and its entry points into the building. This makes it easier to locate, trap, and remove the animal from your property. At the same time, we’re then able to seal the openings and keep this particular animal from ever entering your home again.

The key to solving an animal infestation problem is to pinpoint the location and nature of the infestation – whether it is bats, birds, mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, or bees/wasps – and cut the problem out at its roots. Animal Trappers Tampa Bay starts every job by doing just that, humanely and efficiently.

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