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One of the most common infestation problems a home owner may encounter is that of mice. Animal Trappers Tampa Bay specializes in getting rid of mice and eliminating their entry points so that you do not have to worry about the unsanitary, damaging effects they can have on your home.

One of the major concerns with a mouse infestation is that you’ll go the do-it-yourself route and use the wrong materials that can result in an incomplete mouse removal or even worse problem. Poisons, chemicals and poorly laid traps can all have adverse effects on your family and pets. Additionally, removing mice is only step one of the process. The entry points and dead mice in your home also need to be dealt with to keep from having another mouse control problem.

To effectively deal with a mouse control issue, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay starts by inspecting your property thoroughly. This will allow us to identify common signs of mice including chewed wiring, holes in structural points, hair, droppings, mice urine stains, odors, or rubbing marks on beams in your home. Other mouse problems we might identify include damaged insulation – a major issue for homes with large appliances.

Effective and Humane Mouse Trapping

A mouse trap is designed to quickly and humanely kill mice, and make for easy cleanup. These traps can be dangerous, however, if you have pets or small children who could get caught in them.

Before you consider handling mouse trapping in your home alone, here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Live Traps – Using a live mouse trap is the most humane because it does not kill the mouse and allows you to rerelease the mouse into the wild. Two things to consider are that you must check for food and water every day to ensure you don’t have a caught mouse starving or dying of thirst, and that you release the mouse far into the wild so it cannot find its way back to your home.
  • Glue Traps – A glue trap is considered the least humane of mouse trapping devices. They use a sticky substance that holds a mouse in place, causing the mouse’s death to take many days.
  • Electrical Traps – An electrical mouse control device is used to electrocute a mouse or group of mice instantly. These devices are considered humane, but should be carefully place to avoid damage or harm and can be expensive.
  • Mouse Poison – Poison kills mice, but it does it slowly and is considered inhumane as a result. Additionally, mouse poison can result in the mice dying anywhere in your home. Dead mice can get stuck in your walls and create smells and possible poison hazards in your home, especially if you have children or pets.

Successful mouse control should be done in a way that ensures mice are removed from your home. Proper disposal of live and dead mice can be completed best by a trained professional, such as those employed by Animal Trappers Tampa Bay.

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