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Getting Rid of Opossums

Getting rid of opossums is an important step that starts with recognizing the entry points of the intruding animals and then sealing them up. Most often, opossums will enter through attics, walls, or under floorboards. They will usually be attracted by garbage or leftover food and can cause significant damage and leave behind droppings and other messes. Opossum removal is considered vital due to the diseases and foul odor they carry with them.

Animal Trappers Tampa Bay starts the process of Opossum removal by inspecting your home or business and determining their points of entry. After finding their entry and exit points, opossum traps are laid and baited. The opossum traps must then be properly monitored to ensure the safety of the opossums.

When opossums get between walls or under floorboards, the animal removal expert will enter the wall at the location of the strongest evidence of opossum odor or sound. Removal can then proceed. Getting rid of opossums will be effectively completed once the entry points or blocked and the animals are safely relocated by Animal Trappers Tampa Bay.

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