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If you are like many property owners in the Tampa Bay area, mole hills are a constant concern. Unfortunately, getting rid of moles is not easy. The only method to effectively remove moles will be to trap them and then take them away from your property completely. Luckily, if you find yourself with a mole problem, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay can help trap moles and remove them in a humane and expedient manner.

The Mole Removal Process

To trap moles, you will need to utilize one of a number of different types of mechanisms. Mole traps used by Animal Trappers Tampa Bay are all environmentally friendly and designed to specifically target only the moles digging up your property. The most common mole traps include:

  • Harpoon Traps – To remove moles with a Harpoon Trap, you must place the mechanism carefully along the path of the mole. As the mole passes, the trap will strike with a sharp spike. The spike sticks in and kills the mole instantly.
  • Choker Loop Traps – This type of trap is considered inhumane as they do not instantly kill moles. Despite being inexpensive, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay does not recommend or provide these traps due to the way in which they dispatch of the mole.
  • Scissor Jaw Traps – This mole trap grabs the animal as it goes by. It kills quickly and can be checked easily each time.
  • Pitfalls – These mole traps work without actually harming the moles. To use a pitfall, you will need to find an active tunnel, and then dig a hole around it. When the mole tries to go into their tunnels, they will fall into the pitfall trap.

If you have a mole infestation problem on your property, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay will visit your home and inspect the land around it for signs of moles. After properly assessing the situation, we will place humane mole traps and start the process of removing the moles. By using a complete trapping system and checking repeatedly we are able to accomplish complete removal.

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