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Bird control, especially in central Florida where pigeons are so plentiful, can be a big problem without expert help from a company like Animal Trappers Tampa Bay. Bird removal is vital if you are having a problem with pigeons due to the prevalence of bird droppings, noise, food consumption and diseases that these birds can carry. Birds are among the dirtiest animals in nature, and if left unchecked, a bird problem can result in significant contamination issues.

Getting Rid of Birds

To get rid of birds on your property, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay will start by removing the birds completely. Following bird removal, our experts will strive to install devices and mechanisms that will keep the birds from returning. Barriers that block birds from sitting atop your building such as needle strips and shock tracks will not harm the birds, but will keep them away in the future.

Animal Trappers Tampa Bay can also trap the birds you are having trouble with and remove them physically, while disposing of their nests. By destroying the nests, we are able to ensure they do not return to your property in the future. Whatever your bird problems, rest assured that Animal Trappers Tampa Bay’s experts will handle them once and for all.

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