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Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are among the most common animal problems in residential and commercial neighborhoods. Raccoon removal is often completed in attics, on roofs, in nearby trees, in swimming pools, and throughout neighborhoods. Raccoon trapping is a careful process that will ideally keep the ring tailed intruders from diving into your trash or working their way into your home.

Raccoon problems are problematic, both because of the damage a raccoon can cause and the disease wild raccoons can carry. Raccoons can carry both rabies and distemper – both of which can be passed to your pets and to you if not cared for. While not all wild raccoons have these diseases, many do, making it important to call the experts at Animal Trappers Tampa Bay instead of trying to handle the problem on your own. Raccoon removal is a serious business.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping, and eventually removal, are the keys to effectively reducing and counteracting an infestation of raccoons on your property. The process starts by locating points of entry for raccoons and placing raccoon traps nearby. Entry points for raccoons often include chimneys, pet doors, porches, gardens, and attics. Additionally, food sources like unlatched garbage cans, open windows in your kitchen, or outdoor food storage, should be sealed or removed to minimize the attraction to raccoons.

Once the raccoon problem sources have been identified, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay will set out to trap the raccoons and remove them from your property. Raccoon trapping is done either with a one door or two door trap that is baited to draw the raccoon inside. These traps are humane and safe for the raccoons and will allow the expert animal trapper to remove the raccoon and its litter from your home permanently.

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