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A rat infestation can be one of the more trying experiences a home owner can encounter. If you suspect you may have a rat problem and are currently looking for a Tampa Bay exterminator, let the rat removal pros at Animal Trappers Tampa Bay take care of your rat problem. Specializing in rodent removal and rat control, we are able to ensure complete removal and control of the rat population in your home or business. Get rid of rats in Orlando.

The Risk of Rat Infestation

Rat infestation in the Tampa Bay region is a very real problem. The most common culprit is the roof rat – also known as the citrus or black rat. These rats appear frequently in the central Florida region and will enter your home through an entry point on the roof or in the attic. And, once they have entered your home, rats will continuously chew on whatever they find. A rodent infestation often leads to damage in plumbing, wiring, insulation, air ducts, and personal possessions being stored in the attic.

In addition to damage from rats, there is the risk of disease that rodents can carry. Rat control is urged by many communities for this reason alone. Beyond the risk of rat droppings contaminating your counters and floors, rats can access your kitchen and carry diseases into your food. When a rat dies, it can remain in the walls for weeks or months, creating a noxious odor and spreading disease.

Trapping rats and removing them is the primary role of a good exterminator. However, rodent removal is not the only role they have. Removing scent of the rats is also important. This scent will only draw more rats to the home in the future. Additionally, removing entry points and discouraging rats from entering the home can help reduce the risk of future infestations.

If you have a rat infestation, let the exterminators of Animal Trappers Tampa Bay help with your rodent removal needs.

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