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Get Rid of Rats

Getting Rid of Rodents

Removing rodents from your home is a significant task that many home owners attempt to take on alone. Unfortunately, without professional help, trapping rats and removing them from your home can be a complicated process. That’s why turning to Animal Trappers Tampa Bay when learning how to remove rodents from your home is the smartest move you will make.

Rats in the Tampa Bay region are often found in attics. They enter through the roof and cracks between windows. They will then commence chewing and gnawing on pipes, wires, ducts, and insulation, causing a great deal of damage and potentially putting your home at a greater risk of fire. Additionally, they can leave behind rat droppings that contaminate your food and they almost always carry diseases that are harmful to you and your pets.

Rat Removal Methods

Removing rats can be done with a number of tools. The most common do it yourself method is rat poison. Unfortunately, poison has a number of drawbacks, beyond failing to completely eradicate an infestation. To start with, poisoned rats can fall between walls and cause a tremendous odor that will linger for weeks or months, while spreading potential disease. Additionally, killing rats will not remove the rodent scent that leads additional rats to your home. As long as this odor remains, rats and other rodents will be drawn to your home.

Animal Trappers Tampa Bay is the complete, professional solution to your rat infestation. Instead of simply killing rats, we will inspect your home, identify entry points and seal those points to block future infestation. Rat traps will be laid to trap rodents currently in your home. Once rat removal is completed, complete decontamination of the space will be completed, removing rat droppings and the rodent scent that will draw more rats to your home.

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