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No matter where you live in Central Florida, wasps and bees can be a significant problem for your home or business. Removing bees and wasps can be dangerous and result in further damage or injury to you and your family if not properly done. That’s why Animal Trappers Tampa Bay offers a complete wasp and bee removal service.

Wasps and bees are not inherently dangerous to everyone, but they can be a nuisance both to you and your neighborhood. Even if you are not allergic to bees or wasp stings, you will not want them invading your home and those stings still hurt. Removing wasps and bees can be tricky, as they tend to react to most forms of agitation. If the bee or wasp nest is not properly removed, dead insects, honey, or larvae left behind can result in a bigger mess or even a return of the insects the following year.

At Animal Trappers Tampa Bay, our bee removal service follows the same principles and strategies used for our animal trapping services. We start by inspecting your property and recognizing the points of entry. Next, we remove the bees and wasps, close off those points of entry and put repellent devices in place to keep them from returning. Whether you have a small infestation or a major hive of wasps or bees, call Animal Trappers Tampa Bay today for assistance with your bee problem.

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