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If you live in Florida, it is likely you are familiar with the snake problems native to the region. With more than 45 species of indigenous snakes, Florida’s homeowners must often tangle with unwanted intruders. Snakes are dangerous for a number of reasons. Snakes cause damage on your property, can be a danger to your children or pets, and can even spread disease in the same manner as rodents. As such, it’s vital to get rid of snakes as soon as you recognize an infestation.

Animal Trappers Tampa Bay is experienced at removing snakes, including the common breeds such as Coral Snakes, Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnakes, Water Moccasins, and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes. Using both snake traps and snake repellant, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay will help to permanently remove the unwanted intruders in your home or on your property.

Methods of Snake Removal

To get rid of snakes, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay uses a variety of methods. Each snake problem calls for a different removal process, including some of the following:

  • Snake Hook – A snake hook is a large tool that helps to catch the thicker, longer snakes that cannot be safely caught without a tool. The hook must be handled by a skilled expert who can balance it properly to keep the snake from slipping off.
  • Snake Repellent – Repellents come in many different types. Not every snake repellant is effective at removing and keeping snakes away, however. It is important that repellents be used in conjunction with hands on snake removal techniques.
  • Snake Tongs – Snake tongs are used to capture fast, skinny snakes that are hard to grab with a hook. Precise control of the snake tongs is vital here, usually requiring a great deal of experience with the device.
  • Snake Traps – Traps come in many forms, and must be chosen and placed according to the specific type of snake problem you have. Special scent attractors and glue based traps are used to attract and hold the snakes in place.

Each of these methods is a safe, humane way to capture and remove a snake. Animal Trappers Tampa Bay will take the snake from the trap or hook and then place it in a bag for removal. Once snake removal has been completed, a variety of tools including repellants and sealing of entry points can be completed to keep snakes away from your home.

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