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Getting rid of bats is a complex process that requires the expert hands of trained professionals with years of experience handling bat problems. Animal Trappers Tampa Bay has that experience – helping you with the complex process of bat removal from step one onward. From identifying bat guano on your property to determining the source of the bat infestation and the easiest way to remove bats and keep them away from your home or business, Animal Trappers Tampa Bay has a solution for anyone’s bat problems.

The Truth About Odor and Droppings

Bats are a major part of the ecosystem, as are many animals that infest our homes. It is easy to forget this, however, when the odor of bat guano and live bats in your home creates an uncomfortable and unsanitary living situation.

One of the first signs of a bat problem is the presence of bat droppings inside. These droppings – or guano – are small black and shiny pellets that will be found often in your attic or on your porch. One or two bats in your home will not be noticeable at first, but when large numbers of bats start to roost in your home, the combined volume of guano creates both an unpleasant and unsafe environment that can be unhealthy to human beings and pets.

Another issue that many home owners worry about is the contraction of rabies from bats in their home. Most house-dwelling bats do not have rabies. Regardless, having a bat control problem is a major issue that you should take seriously. If you notice bats in your home, it’s important to call Animal Trappers Tampa Bay right away.

Handling a Bat Problem

When you call Animal Trappers Tampa Bay about a bat problem, the first thing we will do is inspect your home to identify the entry points your bats are using. Often times, these include chimneys, open vents, siding gaps, loose roofing, cracked windows, or holes in the flooring. Bats will most often appear just after sunset – expect inspection to occur at this time to get the best possible viewing.

Once the entry points are identified, our bat removal experts will seal them, so that bat removal can begin. The key to solving a bat problem is to not only seal the leaks and remove the bats, but to create an exclusion system that will keep bats away from your home for good. Often, this includes placing one way exit devices to keep them from returning to the roost once they leave. Additionally, installing outdoor roosts that will keep them away from your home is a good way to ensure bats do not return. 

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